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A few pics of the GYB rides

Pre race interviews with some of the GYB team at the 2012 3 hour enduro at Alexandra Speedway





















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Finally back home after a massive weekend at Hamilton for the Aussie AMCA title.

We headed up there last Thursday morning and after scrutineering and practice we went back to the motel for a few bevies to get in the mood for the big Calcutta and to catch up with the rest of the GYB Heads. The drinks were cold and the bidding was red hot. Smooch and Plugdawg were up for auction early and ended up going for $70 and $80. Shaft was up for bidding late in the night and by then the bidding was going crazy and he ended up fetching a lazy $410. Last one up for the night was Manners and this one ya had to see to believe..try as we might to buy him we were no match for the bids coming in and he went for a cool thousand bucks!!! So the GYB boys fetched $1560 between them...it just shows how good the GYB heads are...

Early Friday morning Manners hits us with the news that things weren’t right with his ride and that he was heading down the Chris Atkins workshop in town to sort a few things out under the bonnet. While we were there the Shaft and his crew rocked in with his v21cougar to do some miner tweaks and they said they were more than happy with the way their ride was getting around the track. The heats on Friday night were hard and fast and the GYB heads were flying and by the end of the night they filled positions 1, 3, 5 and 7. Manners gremlins seemed to be sorted, was equal top points with Tim Ready by the end of the night, We went back to the motel and cranked up the in-car and outside videos in Stav and Whippy’s room...it was standing room only in the end and it was a great atmosphere with plenty of banter and heaps cans going down..I crawled into bed about 430am that morning and was absolutely knackered,,,(thanks to Manners, Chris& Dave Best for keeping me up)

Saturday was the big day...Manners took his ride back down to the “Atkins Automotive” workshop in the morning to do some more tweeking on his ride. The rest of the GYB gang spent the day in the pool back at the motel. Man it was hot....Finaly that afternoon we made our way back to the speedway where the guys would run their last heat and prepare for the all important 30 lap Amain Australian title. On the grid for GYB was Manners off pole, Shaft from 3, Smooch was starting from 5 and Plugger was out of 11 for the Australian title.While checking a few things just before the title Manner's gremlins under the bonnet had surfaced again and it was looking like he wouldn’t start the race but with some assurances from car owner Chris best it was decided to go ahead and start the 30 lap Australian title.

After the usual four wide salute to the crowd the drivers formed up ready for the big event.

Once the green flag dropped it was GYB Manners leading from GYB Shaft and Tim Reidy. These 3 had skipped away from the rest of the pack and it wasn’t until lap 10 that we saw the first yellow flag. At this stage GYB Manners was still leading from GYB Shaft in second. GYB Smooch was still lying in 5th place and GYB Plugdawg had moved up to about 8th. Three laps after the restart Reidy made his move on the high line passing GYB Shaft and a couple of laps later GYB Shaft followed putting GYB Manners back to third. With about 10 laps to go Reidy and Shaft had cleared out from GYB Manners whos car was getting slower and slower. A lap or so later GYB Manners pulled to the infield and was out of the race. With 5 laps to go Reidy spun the V79 Panther out in turn one bringing out the yellows and handing the lead to GYB Shaft. At this stage GYB Smooch had fought his way up to 2nd place but for what i have no idea he was relegated back two places on the grid for the restart. GYB Plugdawg was out as well with a flat tyre ending his weekend. The last five laps of the race were absolutely dominated by GYB Shaft in the V21 Cougar and he won the race with ease. After Shaft did his victory lap the cars were sent to the infield where apparently there was a protest being made.

What was a very very disappointing part of the weekend was that they did not have a presentation on the track straight after the race...This was the Biggest race on the AMCA calendar and they couldn’t do a presentation???? Even with the protest they could have presented the tropheys and let the drivers and their crews enjoy the moment and say that it was pending the protest result..

Other than that i was very proud of all the GYB drivers and their crews and i want to thank each and every one of you for all your help and support you all give to GYBMotorsports. It was great to catch up with everyone and have a few drinks

Finaly a Big congratulations to GYB Shaft (Campbell Hughes) on winning the 2012 Australian AMCA title. You said to me last week that you would be proud to put the GYB Motorsports stickers on your car and they certainly looked the part on the sides of your ride...

Great work from GYB Smooch getting 4th under trying curcumstances and i'm sure he'l continue to improve in his 410 sprintcar career.

Once again thanks to everyone for such a great weekend’s racing

Cheers Ledge,,,,(Mick Lincoln)


Corza's heats night 1 aussie title

Night 1 of the Australian 1200 junior title

GYB Corza puting on a show

Heat 1

his second heat

Heat 7

his third heat

Heat 13

Corza's 4th heat

Heat 19




Hot on heals of a very respectable 4th place at the Victorian state title, GYB's Corey Lincoln is heading
to Alice Springs next week to take on the best junior drivers in the country in the Australian 1200 Junior championships.
Travelling up with Corza will be Corey's Dad Colin(crew chief ), his Pop Steve(strategist)  and his Uncle Mick(Media liaison ) .
Speaking with the guys today they were so exited about the trip.

Good Luck Corza,
For all interested Please an order for a T'Shirt and Support Corey's tilt at the Aussie Title. T'Shirts $35 ea please let me know size and qty. Cheers... to order contact us on the GYB FACEBOOK Page 

GYB Brodsta takes his first feature win

Congratulations to GYB Brosta on his first feature win


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GYB DSR had his #91 V8 Dirtmodified absolutely flying in heat 3

During the night's racing we got to have a word with GYB Smooch



GYB Spano takes on some hot competition in the ex GYB Manners Aussie#1 Panther at the Northern Territory AMCA title this weekend. Spano has left nothing to chance and has even flown Manners up to Darwin to help crew for this weekends big event. There is some quick interstate cars entered for the title including current Victorian action series and multi feature winner Tim Riedy, the 2 Hardy boys from Queensland and Nick Stubbs from NSW as well as a hot field of locals which should make for some fantastic racing.

Good luck Spano from all the team here at GYB MOTORSPORTS,,,, and remember,,,, GO YA BARSTED!!!!!!!!!

Mechanical failure hits the GYB team at the Enduro

Well the 3hr enduro has been run and won and although the GYB team were looking the goods early but mechanical failure got the best of us this weekend. The first of the GYB team cars to retire was one of the Jack/Timmys team #94 Falcons which blew a clutch in the second heat which put them back to a one car team. The usually reliable Stav/Ledge #8 Commodore was having power steering problems throwing belts off in 3 of the four heats. The Ol man Scotty/ Harley Bishop team in the #37Mudbuggy/Superwagon cars were  looking real quick in the heats until a rear shock mount failed in the Superwagon which made the car look a real handful. The Pipdawg/Craig #5 Falcon was quick in their heats and Craig drove great for his first meeting. Other than some  slight over heating the Manners/Nob#92  Pontiamca was the pace setter in the heats with 3 firsts and a second putting them on pole for the 3 hour enduro.

The drivers doing the first stint were Manners in the#92 Pontiamca, Pipdawg  in the #5 EL Falcon, Timmy in the #94 XF Falcon, Ol Man Scotty in the #70 Mudbuggy and Stav in the #8 Commodore.

 Once the event started Manners set a blistering pace and had set a 2 lap lead at the halfway mark when he pitted for fuel and to hand the car over to Nob. By the time they got back out of the pits they were back to third. Nob was making his way back towards the lead when the Pontiamca gave up the fight and threw a rod ending their night. Pipdawg  was getting around nicely until he broke the Diff Hat putting him out. Timmy was going ok until he came in with distributer trouble which they fixed and he went back out but then not long after he bent a bottom control arm ending his night. The two car team of Ol Man Scotty and Harley Bishop were doing  great with Ol Man Scotty doing most of the driving in the Mudbuggy.The only trouble he was having was flat tyres but with Harley to send out while he was in the pits they were looking the goods for a podium finish but the Superwagon ended up braking a rack which left all the work to Ol Man Scotty which he was handling with ease until the Mudbuggy broke a rocker putting them out. This left the #8 Commodore of Stav/Ledge the only car still running. After losing a heap of time early on Stav was getting around nicely doing constant quick laps until about the half way mark when it threw another power steering belt bringing him into the pits. The guys fixed the belt again and Ledge took over the driving duties and was circulating consistently for about an hour until he came back into the pits with a sticky throttle. The guys fixed the throttle and Stav went back out and was still running when the chequered flag fell after 3 gruelling hours. I haven’t got the official results yet but we were told that Stav/Ledge ran 9th. All in all it was a geat event and well done to all the winners (and losers) that took part in the event. Also a big congrats to the Alexandra club and their members for putting on such a fantastic meeting. Last of all a BIG BIG thanks to all the members and  supporters or the GYB Motorsports team that came helped, cheered, supported, drank and lent stuff to make this a great nights racing,,,,,By the way, I had a blast,,,,See You all at the next big event

Cheers Ledge

Here's some pre-race interviews with some of the GYB team members


Nob and Manners

Pipdawg and Craig

Harley Bishop

Stewballs and the Buttman


Timmy and Jack

Young Scotty

Ol Man Scotty


Go Ya Barsted Motorsports is all set for this weekends 3 hour enduro at Alexandra Speedway
This unique race through the Dogleg is shaping up to be fantastic event.
The guys were puting the final touches on their cars last night
We went round to smooch's to change some tyres and Stav thought he'd have a sit in smooch's new ride

Then we went round to Scotty's pad were the boys were hard at it on the Superwagon and ol scottys AMCA

Manners and Newest GYB member Harley Bishop swapping stories (and pics it seems above)
while the rest of the guys do all the work

Stewballs tweeks up the Superwagon while Stav and Danny watch on

A Big night for GYB at AMCA Dinner

The awards and tropheys just keep mounting up at GYB headquarters after the annual Vic AMCA presentation dinner last Saturday night.
GYB "The Shaft" (Campbell Hughes) took out the prestigious "AMCA Action Series" from Tim Riedy in second and Grant Cullinger in third
The Shaft also took out a placing in the country cup as well as one of the "feature winner" awards

Action Series 1st Place Campbell Hughes (Centre), 2nd Place Tim Reidy(right), 3rd Grant Cullinger(left)

GYB "Smooch"(Brenton Farrer) won the "State Reps" Award along with a State Title win and Aussie title placing award

GYB "Stewballs" (Stewart Grant-Campbell) won the "Dedication Award" for all his tireless work for AMCA Victoria

The "Flying High" award was won by GYB's "Ol Man Scotty"(Greg Scott) and was accepted on his behalf by Young Scotty (Daniel Scott)

Awards were also given to the top four place getters in the National title of which GYB took the top 3

A great night had by all
Congrats to all the GYB Team


GYB's Manners (Mark Lincoln) in the 100 lapper and Corza (Corey Lincoln) in ASCF Juniors showed them how its done at Alexandra Speedway this Queen's birthday long weekend.

Here's the full story from DMTsportsmedia.com


Mark Lincoln the current Australian Champion in AMCA racing can now add another win to his belt that he was hoping to achieve after winning the annual Alexandra & District Speedway Club ‘Dog Leg 100 Lap Derby’ in a V8 Super Sedan.

Over two days 80 competitors in all makes and varieties of speedway sedans competed in five heats each before 40 starters greeted the green flag in the finale. Lincoln managed to finish ahead of Luke Fallon who was last year’s winner driving his Sports Sedan whilst Dave Erickson another former winner in a 3 Litre Cortina was third. Lenny Bates Jnr from the Crash N Bash organisation was fourth with former Australian 360ci Sprintcar Champion Tony Moule fifth in his home made 1200cc Datsun powered miniature Super Sedan.

Across thirty heat races before locking in forty starters for the 100 lap final Modified Production sedan competitor and former event winner Russell Hill won four of his five heats and finished second in the last to be top qualifier with 172 points from Mark Lincoln on 164 and Erickson on 141 with Colin Lincoln and Bill Burton rounding out the top five with Mark Lincoln clocking the fastest one lap time prior to the feature of 34.225 seconds in front of Hill 34.386 and Colin Lincoln 34.421 and Colin Lincoln won the fastest heat of the weekend over 6 laps taking 3 minutes 30.258 to complete.

Heat wins went too Colin Lincoln x 3, Russell Hill x 4, Bill Burton x 2, Dave Erickson x 2, Alan McKinnon x 2, Austin Corcoran, John Cole, Len Bates Jnr x 3, Mark Lincoln x 3, Darren Forrest, Dean ‘Turbo Bullfrog’ Pictor, Matt Ridd, Paul Turnbull x 2, Andrew Katz x 2, Tony Moule & Steve Lincoln.

The final feature starting list was: Russell Hill, Mark Lincoln, Erickson, Colin Lincoln, Burton, Bates Jnr, McKinnon, Peter Cox, Turnbull, Corcoran, Sparrow, Forrest, Fallon, Steve Ellis, Katz, Troy Neilson, Steve Lincoln, Daryl Atkinson, Cole, Joel Brinsley, Kellie Atkins, Mick Burke, Moule, Nick Hill, Ridd, Michael Knight, Gordon Angus, Pictor, Rob Tatterson, Dave Nicholls, Dave Mackenzie, Daniel Simpson, Sam Williams, Dale Smith, Gary Stanley, Kim Montague, Ray Gould, Brett Petrou, Jason Holt & Hans Lovski. Ray Gould didn’t take his place in the final and Jaedn Alberni as forty first qualifier made the start.

Amongst the starters were Modified Production Sedans, Super Sedans, Street Stocks, 3 Litre Sedans, Crash N Bash Cars, VSC Sedans including Division 2 Hot Rods and a FJ Holden (Corcoran) and Sport Sedans and 253ci Modifieds such as Hans Lovski.

Well known competitors such as Mark Lincoln from the AMCA division, Troy Neilson from Street Stocks, Moule from the Sprintcar scene and Dave Mackenzie who travelled with the National Super Sedan circuit this past season all took part in the big race.

When the green flag dropped for the start of what was going to be more than an hour’s racing Mark Lincoln seized the lead with Hill behind him and Colin Lincoln in third. These three quickly established a gap between them and the field whilst Atkinson (gearbox) and Burke retired without logging a lap on the sheets.

Lap eight what had been a sweet weekend for Hill all turned sour when passing back markers he got collected and suffered damage to his front end and he made a hasty exit off the track. Burton broke a steering rack a lap later and then there was a gap of 16 laps before the next retirement.

Meanwhile Mark Lincoln was threading his way through the pack in his v8 with Erickson on the chase and Fallon and Moule back in the pack on the move.

Forrest and Atkins came together and both restarted whilst Hill soon lost gears and retired to the pits. Ridd retired with fuel pump issues before some time later the next big incident was Forrest and Lovski coming together and with Forrest’s front end smashed he was no longer able to continue.

On lap 79 with Mark Lincoln leading, Fallon, Erickson, Bates Jnr, Moule and Steve Ellis all on the lead lap McKinnon and Corcoran came together and slammed the front straight wall and the red light was switched on to signal all drivers to stop. Having hit the wall at over 100kmph McKinnon suffered some trauma requiring crash crews to extricate him from his race vehicle with the help of the jaws of life so that he could be placed safely without further pain onto a backboard and into a waiting ambulance.

The incident and the care required to remove McKinnon took well over an hour and the race was declared with results as per order on lap 79 with Corcoran disqualified from results as primary cause of the accident  with McKinnon. With Mark Lincoln confirmed the winner from Fallon, Erickson, Bates Jnr, Moule, Ellis, Simpson, Tatterson, Knight, Nicholls, Atkins, Petrou, Holt, Pictor, McKinnon, Katz, Lovski, Cox, Smith and Stanley still circulating .

Lincoln set the fastest time of 34.122 in the final for a one lap circuit and at the time of the red flag was leading Fallon by just over 3 seconds. Simpson who started in thirty second place was delighted with his efforts in reaching seventh spot and Moule was pleased with the result considering had the race gone on he was going to need a pit stop having copped a flat right rear on lap 79.

After the race a delighted Lincoln spoke. “This is a fantastic feeling up there with winning an Australian Championship especially with my families’ long history with the Alexandra Speedway. I wish Alan McKinnon a quick recovery and certainly will think of him tonight as we celebrate our good fortune. Thanks to all the GYB Motorsports crew and well done to the other finishers tonight. See you all again next year.”

As of 24 hours after the accident involving McKinnon he was being cared for in Melbourne in a trauma unit but was known to be sitting up in bed waiting for x-ray results.

In Junior Sedan racing Corey Lincoln in his first meeting out in his new Junior Sedan took the feature win in the 1200cc Junior Sedan category from Lachie Reeves, Donald Young, Shane Younger and Brock Atkins whilst in Standard Saloon Juniors Matt Nelson was able to defeat Anthony Brennan, Brodie Montague, Andrew Miles and Patrick Farry.

Standard Saloon Open racing held a feature on both nights with Chris Stewart winning the ‘Thirsty Camel Alexandra’ Cup and Leigh Gooding winning the second nights King of the Valley feature with the second nights racing the closest whilst Stewart was dominate on night one.

On night one over nine heats we had eight different winners. Shane Stewart, Mick Chrystie, Wayne Nelson x 2, Leigh Gooding, Matt Magor, Chris Stewart, Jason Leonard and Gordon Russell whilst Victorian champion David Cull blew an engine and was unable to feature all weekend with Chrystie having the best heat win starting sixth before winning heat two and Tim Buckley from the event’s sponsor Alexandra Thirsty Camel going along as a passenger with Rod Meakins the club President.

The top six qualifiers for the ‘Camel Cup’ lined up as Chris Stewart, Wayne Nelson, Russell, Chrystie, Shane Stewart and Rod Meakins and after leading from start to finish Chris Stewart was a popular winner with Rosedale Speedway supporters defeating Chrystie and Meakins, Russell, Shane Stewart, Magor, Gooding, Jason Leonard, Jacob Vuillerman and Terry Bullard.
On night two Sarah Meakins started the night strong winning heat one with Shane Stewart, Dale Morrison, Mark Miles, Chris Stewart and Mal Brennan making it six different winners from six heats once again showing how close the category is. Mark Miles began on pole position with Morrison alongside, the Stewart brothers Chris and Shane then Sarah Meakins and Nelson for the top six. Gooding who had qualified in the top ten changed cars and was relegated to a last place start in the feature.

The green dropped and Morrison soon got the better of Miles and had Chris Stewart clipping at his heels for some time before he departed the race track affected by mechanical issues. Next to step up was Shane Stewart whilst Rod Meakins got the better of Nelson and Brennan in the chase. Sarah Meakins got past her father in law Rod and Gooding had worked his way up to fifth at this point.

A couple of yellow flags helped but at the last yellow flag Gooding got past Shane Stewart and Sarah Meakins and was soon on Morrison’s bumper looking for a way past. After twenty laps it all came to the last turn where Gooding had the most speed up high out of turn four and was able to pip Morrison at the past to take a popular feature win. Shane Stewart was third from Sarah and then Rod Meakins with Gooding being crowned ‘King of the Valley’.

Alexandra Club Sponsors include:
Thirsty Camel Alexandra
Morris Finance Ltd
Metro Tow
Inaction Photos
Northern Auto Recyclers
Aarons Car Removals
Rumbles Children’s Playhouse
Fallon’s Bus Services
Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths
Bursons Auto Parts Lilydale
Murrindindi Kitchens
Alan T Hall Plumbing
Cit Demolitions
Coates Hire
Waverley Exhaust & Brake Centre

Written by
Dean Thompson
Alexandra Speedway Media Representative


Easter turned out to be another dominant weekends racing at Timmis Speedway Mildura for the GYB Motorsports team :o :o :o :o
Friday night
GYB Corza (Corey Lincoln) 2 thirds and a first in the ASCF juniors
GYB The Smooch (Brenton Farrer) won the South Australian AMCA title

Sunday Night
GYB Deano (Dean Heseltine) 2nd overall in the Street Stocks
GYB The Shaft (Campbell Hughes) won the AMCA allstars Feature

GYB Plugger (Darren McCarthy) and GYB Manners (Mark Lincoln) both had weekends they'd rather forget with mechanical problems.




The 2011 Australian AMCA title at Dubbo has been run and won and it was a GYB Motorsports trifecta
GYB's Mark "Manners" Lincoln put on a faltless display puting theV92 "Hormans Service Centre Panther" on pole for the 30 lap Amain and then going on to take the checkered.
In second place was GYB's young gun Brenton " The Smooch" Farrer in the V19 "Renick Concreting West machine" who drove the race of his life holding off countless challenges after making his way up from 6th on the grid.
Taking the third place on the podium was GYB's Cambell "The Shaft" Hughs in the V21 "Voodoo Ride Panther" who was ultra fast all weekend.
Congratulations guys from all of us here at GYB Motorsports,,,,GO YA BARSTEDS
From left; Cambell Hughs, Mark Lincoln, Brenton Farrer


GYB's Dean Heseltine's new ride


GYB Scottys new Ride with the all important GYB Motorsports Stickers


rFactor is a simulation game that is great fun to play on single player and even more fun to race online
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The GYB team dominated the Victorian AMCA presentation night awards last night.
The Country Cup series was taken out by New GYB recruit "GYB MAYHEM" (Davey May) with GYB DSR (Daniel Scott) in second place and PANTHER CHASSIS GURU GYB Diamond Mick Kirally filling the third spot.
The AMCA Action series was won by GYB Manners for the second year in a row with GYB Stewballs in second and GYB Diamond Mick in third
The overall Victorian AMCA points winner was GYB Diamond Mick who also took out the very prestigious "Dale Mathews" Best and Fairest award

MILDURA 2010 AMCA allstar weekend


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